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Black Forest Meadows

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Alpacas do not have teeth in the top-front of their mouths.

Alpacas do not have teeth in the top-front of their mouths.


Alpacas don't usually spit!


Like llamas, alpacas do not usually purposefully spit at humans. From time to time they do, but many times humans usually just get caught in the crossfire between two alpacas.


Alpacas are usually safe to be around.

Unlike some livestock, alpacas are very quiet and gentle animals. Occasionally, an alpaca may try to kick with its’ hind legs, but it’s usually just a reflex from being touched on its’ rear.


There are only two breeds of alpacas.

The two breeds are huacaya (wah-KI-ah) and suri (SOO-ree). About 90% of alpacas are the huacaya breed, whereas the suri breed only makes up about 10% of all alpacas.


Alpacas cannot live alone.

Alpacas have really strong herding instincts. The best way to keep an alpaca with a companion is to have them all be the same gender. This is because even neutered alpacas or llamas can sometimes successfully bond with each other


Alpacas are vegetarians

Did you know that a 125-lb. alpaca only eats 2-lbs. per day? The alpacas’ diet mostly consists of grass, but can also include leaves, wood, bark or stems.


Alpacas' average life span is 20 years.

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We love Alpacas!


We also love our other adorable pets on the property!

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