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All-Inclusive Venue Rental

That is the question!?!?

As a newly engaged couple it can be a hard decision to decide whether an All-Inclusive package or exclusive venue rental is right for you, and over the next few minutes we are going to help you weigh the pros and cons of both, and really, this is not a one size fits all, its an extremely important decision.

The best place to start is with some discovery questions? Do you have a unique idea for every aspect of your wedding? Do you have the time to spend hours sending inquiries, reading reviews, and interviewing vendors? Are you looking for a menu or DJ that is culturally specific? If you answered yes, then an exclusive venue rental is most likely a great fit for you. Just renting the venue allows you to hire and customize each aspect of your day. One misconception of just renting the venue is that you will spend less. Unfortunately this is typically not the case, 54% of couples spend between $7k and $20k over their initial wedding budget, and often hesitate to book and All-Inclusive because the lump sum seems scary, however, after planning their wedding find they were close to if not over the All-Inclusive price point. Even though financially renting just the venue may not end up more cost effective, this option may be better if you have the time and vision to personalize every detail. So if your Pinterest board is abundant, and your vision specific, this is your best choice!

If you have a busy schedule, and are looking for a wedding day where you know the vendors are professional, and highly recommended, and you’re interested in customizing design, but not necessarily all the research to get there, then an All-Inclusive is your best bet! An All-Inclusive package gives you the peace of mind that your vendors will perform, while being guided through each step on an easy to manage planning process. Let's talk customization, yes, your DJ is included, however, your song list is completely customizable. What about design? You have the freedom to choose linen colors, flatware, and even add to your rental order to enhance your tablescape. Oh and floral, it's just like a gift card, so your vision and design with a talented floral team, and desserts are similar, whether a dessert bar is your style or tiers of cake, spend your credit to match your vision. Menu is an important one, typically All-Inclusive menus offer a variety from taco bars to a traditional meal, but you will want to make sure the base menu works for what you are looking for. Another perk of an All-Inclusive is it allows monthly payments, with weddings typically being planned over a year, it's nice to be able to spread out the investment rather than 50% up front and 50% closer to the wedding date. Here is the big question to ask yourself before booking an All-Inclusive… Will I enjoy professional guidance? The All-Inclusive vendor team is here to guide you and make your wedding day your own, while also offering expert advice to ensure things run smoothly and you as a couple as well as your guests have the best day. Part of booking an All-Inclusive is trusting the team you have, and following the process. If you enjoy having a hand in every aspect of the planning process and have a hard time letting others guide you, a venue only option might be more enjoyable.

As you make your decision, know this. You are marrying your best friend, partner in crime, the person you will do life with forever. The love you have now will grow and exceed your wildest expectations, and at the end of wedding day, regardless of what package you chose, how the weather was, or if Aunt Edna gave an unwanted drunken speech, it will always be one more amazing chapter in your love story. Happy planning!

Photos Courtesy of Tina Joiner Photography

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